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Figure 1: Electrical Field Stimulation (EFS) of human sensory neurons in culture results in activation of voltage gated ion channels. Following stimulation, the activation of the volatge gated sodium channels is monitored by fluorescence-based imaging of ion influx in the neuron.

Figure 2:  The pharmachology of  EFS-induced responses in human sensory neurons in culture.

At AnaBios, human samples are used to measure drug activity employing physiologically relevant end points. Laboratory equipment developed at AnaBios for electrical field stimulation (EFS) provides an efficient and sensitive methodology for investigating the modulation of different subtypes of voltage gated channels in human excitable cells in culture.

EFS technology can be used, for example, to selectively activate TTX-S or TTX-R  voltage gated sodium channels.  This enables the efficient screening of novel analgesic candidates on human sensory neurons.

As illustrated in Figure 2, the profiling of voltage gated channels expressed in human sensory neurons, can be followed by further phenotypic characterization of the neurons, using chemical or physical agents that activate a variety of nociceptive pathways.  

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