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Human DRG neuron/glia culture

Human DRG neuron/glia culture

​​​​​​​​Live human DRG neuron/glia cultures

​ AnaBios offers high quality human dorsal root ganglia (hDRG) neuronal ​  cultures obtained from ethically consented donors. The quality of the cultures has  been demonstrated in recent studies and publications reporting the physiological activity of human neurons isolated from these DRG samples (see PUBLICATIONS). 

Cells are provided on 12mm glass coverslips for electrophysiology or in 96-well plates for imaging studies. Live DRG neuron cell suspensions are also available upon request.

                                               Item                                                          Cat. #

      hDRG live cultures on 12mm glass coverslips (8 counts)          DC-24

      hDRG live cultures in 96-well plate format (10 wells)                DC-96

Preserved human DRG samples: normal and chronic pain donors

AnaBios offers high quality reserved human dorsal root ganglia (hDRG) research samples obtained from ethically consented donors. 

In addition, high quality samples of spinal cord tissue are also available from AnaBios (CNS RESEARCH).

     Item                           Cat. #


     Frozen                       DP-20/F

     Formalin-fixed         DP-20/P

     RNAlater®                DP-20/R

Osteo Arthritis

     Frozen                      DP-200/F   

     Formalin-fixed        DP-200/P

     RNAlater®               DP-200/R

Back Pain

     Frozen                      DP-201/F

     Formalin-fixed        DP-201/P

     RNAlater®               DP-201/R

Rheumatoid Arthritis

     Frozen                      DP-202/F

     Formalin-fixed        DP-202/P

     RNAlater®              DP-202/R

Chronic  Knee Pain

     Frozen                      DP-203/F

     Formalin-fixed        DP-203/P

     RNAlater®               DP-203/R

Diabetic Neuropathy

     Frozen                      DP-204/F

     Formalin-fixed        DP-204/P

     RNAlater®               DP-204/R

Post-herpetic Neuralgia

     Frozen                     DP-205/F

     Formalin-fixed       DP-205/P

     RNAlater®              DP-205/R

Ruptured Vertebral Disk

     Frozen                     DP-206/F

     Formalin-fixed       DP-206/P

     RNAlater®              DP-206/R


     Frozen                     DP-207/F

     Formalin-fixed       DP-207/P

     RNAlater®              DP-207/R


     Frozen                     DP-208/F

     Formalin-fixed       DP-208/P

     RNAlater®              DP-208/R

 Pain Research