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​​The response of human sensory neurons to capsaicin (200nM) is recorded using calcium imaging technology. The increase in intracellular calcium concentration resulting from the opening of TRPV1 channels, is visualized using the calcium indicator Fluo 8



AnaBios Preclinical Drug Discovery

Phase-X   is the proprietary technology developed by AnaBios which enables the investigation of human drug responses in the pre-clinical stage of drug discovery. These research methods are at the core of AnaBios preclinical drug discovery.

In the past, access to human cells and tissues for research has relied, almost invariably, on samples collected employing inconsistent protocols, variable postmortem intervals and a lack of adequate reagents for ensuring  sample viability. As a result of ischemic damage,  most available samples were of poor quality and provided inconsistent results. It has also been difficult, if not impossible, to use human tissue samples for functional biochemical and physiological testing of drug effects.

At the foundation of Phase-X    drug development platform are:
  1. Proprietary methods and reagents for the consistent and reliable procurement of viable human donor samples
  2. Proprietary methods and reagents for the preservation of  human sample viability
  3. Advanced in vitro interrogation methods for obtaining human-relevant data on drug activity